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About This Vendor

Couples who are looking to wed in a one-of-a-kind church may want to consider St. Alphonsus Mary De Liguori Parish as a suitable alternative. Located at Humabon Place in Magallanes Village, the church’s interiors look fresh and modern for a potential wedding venue in Manila. The walls and arched ceilings are Art Deco-inspired, with a simple wooden and stained glass altar in the middle.

The parish priest will be strict with the dress code, including those of the bride and the women entourage. Wedding rehearsal is deemed a “must.” Showering of rice is banned in this wedding church.

Wedding Rates

Church Fee is Php 27,00.00. Reservation fee of Php 5,000.00 will be required to block the date and time chosen which must be confirmed in two (2) weeks. Downpayment of Php 10,000 upon confirmation of the wedding date. Balance and all other dues must be paid at least one month before the wedding date.

Church fee doesn't include flowers or a choir. It is up to the couple to arrange these.

Wedding Schedule

Weddings are held from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9AM and 3PM.

Wedding Requirements

  1. Updated Birth Certificate and Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) original copy from the National Statistic Office.
  2. Baptismal & Confirmation Certificates: request from the parishes where both parties were baptized and confirmed. Each certificates must marked with "For Marriage Purposes Only". Issued not later than six (6) months.
  3. Interview: the couple is required to undergo canonical interview with the priest at least two (2) months before the wedding. Set appointment with the Parish Secretary after the requirements (no. 1 & 2) has been submitted.
  4. Pre-Cana Seminar: In preparation to marriage, the couple is required to attend this seminar. The couple may attend seminar from other parish, Discovery Weekend and Catholic Engagement Encounter are acceptable. Certificate of Attendance to any of the seminars may be submitted to the parish office.
  5. Marriage Banns: a public announcement of the forthcoming marriage. This must be posted for three consecutive weeks at the bulletin board of the couple’s respective parishes at least a month before the wedding. A Permission from the Bride’s Parish Priest is sought in writing after the Banns have been made.
  6. Marriage License: is requested from the Municipal Office where the couple resides. Must be valid only for 120 days upon issue. Should the couples are already civilly married, an NSO authenticated copy of previous Marriage Contract must be submitted together with the other requirements.
  7. List of Sponsors: a complete list of full names and addresses of sponsors must be submitted at least a month before the wedding date.
  8. ID Pictures: 1 piece 2 x 2 colored pictures taken recently.
  9. Review of Marriage Contract: before the final printing, the couple is requested to check and review the datas on the Certificate of Marriage. This is done during the rehearsal. (Must attend: Secondary Sponsors, Maid/Matron of Honor, Best man, lectors/commentator, Wedding Coordination [optional]).
  10. Confession: a week before the wedding, the couple is required to make a good confession where they wish to have their confession made.

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