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This church located in West Triangle, Quezon City is a charming place of worship with its gray stone bricks, colored windows, and triangular roofs. The pathways surrounding The Twin Hearts Church are also made of brick, with the drick driveway leading to the heavy, dark wood double doors bride-to-bes are always on the hunt for to make a grand entrance. Couples will also appreciate the drama brought about the curved roofing the main doorway provides, which is further accentuated by a working fountain just adjacent to the church.

The interiors of Twin Hearts are of a quintessential church in Manila: modern elements with a touch of tradition. The floors are made of marble, which leads to the altar flanked by four grey grand pillars. An opening just above the altar provides illumination to the iconic figure of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Wedding packages reportedly start at P16,000, with is inclusive of carpet, flowers and basic musical accompaniment. The neighborhood where Twin Hearts Church is located is quite serene, according to visitors, but could be problematic when it comes to parking. The management is strict with requirements, and may cancel a wedding(!) due to a couple’s lack of papers.

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