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The Parish of the Holy Sacrifice, commonly known as the UP Chapel, is most certainly among the first considerations of every Isko or Iska as a potential wedding venue. The church has an open, circular layout designed by National Artist Leandro Locsin. The altar and the Jesus Christ on the cross fixtures, among the other furnishings inside the church, are artworks by themselves created by some of the country’s finest artists.

UP Chapel can be a viable option if guests are usually located in the North. The church’s location is accessible too, as one can go to and from the UP Chapel via the famous ikot jeep. The greenery surrounding the church also provides a post-nuptial opportunity for the newlyweds.

Wedding packages are said to be not over P10,000, but may be considerably lower if any of the couple has a connection with the university. If planning to get married on a weekday, there will be no available musical accompaniment, which can be taken out also as a discount from the package price.

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