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An alternative to Tagaytay and Batangas is this little church in Silang, Cavite. San Antonio de Padua Church can easily meet the needs of couples who are looking for a little bit of wanderlust without putting their invited guests through the hassle of taking a long trip for a wedding. The church is composed of two similar brick structures, with the other one acting as San Antonio de Padua’s bell tower (post-nuptial photo opportunity alert!). The driveway towards the church’s main entrance is something to behold also, as the surrounding landscape is well-manicured.

The interiors are lovely too for a countryside wedding. The floors are made of marble, with the aisle specifically showcasing an intricate pattern of oranges, reds, and dark greens. The ornate pattern of the floors, including the aisle portion, lead up to a gilded altar featuring the parish’s patron saint.

Wedding Rates

₱ 12,000 with a down payment of ₱ 2,000. Wedding rates as of September 2016, please note that rates are subject to change without prior notice.


  • Use of the church for one (1) hour for the ceremony (Eucharistic Celebration/Mass) and thirty (30) minutes picture taking.
  • Availability of Ushers and church staff (commentator and readers) if needed.
  • Six lighted Chandeliers
  • Sound system / CD Player
  • Wedding Chairs with kneeler for the couple and both parents
  • Quadruplicate of copy of mariage contract with Civil Registration

Terms and Conditions

  • All reservations are on first come, first serve only. No Pencil Booking.
  • Down payment of ₱ 2,000 upon reservation. Non-refundable
  • All wedding dues should be three months before the wedding date. Non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • All necessary documents should be submitted one month before the wedding date
  • Please notify the parish secretary at least two months before the wedding if you have your own priest and provide the photocopy of his Certificate of Registration
  • If you have your own missalette, please submit to the parish office a month before the wedding date for approval.
  • No late, be punctual on your wedding day, the whole entourage should assemble at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time
  • Ceremonies which may begin late may have to be shortened
  • No showering of flower petals, confetti and poppers in and out of the church.

To be provided by the couple

  1. Flowers (altar, aisle and entourage)
  2. Choir
  3. Nuptial Candles
  4. Veil
  5. Cord
  6. Arrhae
  7. Offerings

Wedding Schedules

  • Tuesday - 8AM, 10AM, 2PM
  • Wednesday - 2PM
  • Thursday - 8AM, 10AM, 2PM, 4:30PM
  • Friday - 8AM, 10AM, 2PM, 4:30PM
  • Saturday - 8AM, 10AM, 2PM, 4:30PM
  • Sunday with guest priest - 8AM, 10AM, 5:30PM

Wedding Requirements

The following requirements listed below should be accomplished Three (3) months before the wedding date.

  1. Birth Certificate and Certificate of No Record of Marriage (CENOMAR) from NSO Photocopy
  2. Baptismal and Confirmation Certificate should be requested from the parishes where the two parties were baptized and confirmed. The Certificate has a validity of 6 months and must be issued "For Marriage Purposes"
  3. ID Pictures - 3pcs. of 2 x 2
  4. Interview - The couple is required to undergo canonical interview with the parish priest 3 months before the wedding. Every Wednesday at 8:00 in the morning at least 3 months before the wedding.
  5. Pre-Cana Seminar - The couple should attend a seminar every 2nd Saturday of the month, 8:00 am - 12 noon (once only). They are allowed to attend the seminar in other parish; Discovery Weekend or Catholic Engaged Encounter are also accepted, provided a certificate of attendance must be submitted
  6. Marriage Banns - The banns should be posted for 3 consecutive Sundays at their respective parishes. Permission from the Groom and Bride's parish priest - As a general rule, a marriage is supposed to be contracted in the Parish of the Groom or Bride. Do not be surprised if you are charged something for the permission, depends on the policy of your parish.
  7. Marriage License - Should be requested from the municipal office of the municipality where Groom or Bride resides. It has a validity of 120 days. If the couple is already civilly married please submit the NSO copy of the previous marriage.
  8. List of Sponsors - Please submit a copy of the complete list of names of sponsors a month before the wedding date (Maximum of pairs)
  9. Confession - One week before the marriage. Anywhere they wish to have confession is allowed provided the certification for confession must be signed by the priest.
  10. Review of Marriage Contract - a day before the wedding date, the couple should review the information on the marriage contract before the final printing.

Additional Requirements (case to case basis)

For foreigner submit affidavit of legal capacity to contract marriage (if not civilly married) from their respective Embassy in the Philippines or certification from the DFA if they have no Embassy in the Philippines.

For Mixed Marriages (Marriage between a Catholic and non-Catholic party) or Disparity of Cult (Marriage between a catholic or non-Christian/Atheist party) a Promise and Declaration from to be filled in the parish office during the canonical interview. To be submitted to the Imus Chancery Office (Diocese of Imus) for approval.

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