Hizon's Food Tasting @ Kasalan At Kotilyon Bridal Fair

Marquee Mall Pampanga

Feb 29 - Feb 29, 2020 10:00 am-05:00 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can benefit the most from attending the grand food tasting?

    Attending grand food tasting is ideal for individuals and companies planning an event within the year.

    Weddings: 8 – 12 months from your wedding date.

    Children’s party : 1 – 6 months before your party date

    Adult milestone events such as birthdays and anniversaries : 1 – 6 months before your event date

    Corporate events: 1 -6 months before intended corporate event date

  • I don’t have a venue for my event yet, should I attend?

    Yes , the grand food tasting is always held at our best venues partners. Attending is a good chance to see how the venue looks and feels like when there is a ongoing event. Also by talking to our event planners we can find your ideal venue from our more than 300 accredited partner venues.

  • I already have a venue for my event , should I attend?

    Yes , the grand food tasting is a unique opportunity for you to experience first hand and evaluate our services as a caterer. It is also a good time to speak with an event planner so we can give the best packages suited to your needs. We also give perks and deals reserved for those who attend the grand food tasting.

  • Is it free?

    Attendance to the Grand Food Tasting is free.

  • How can I attend the grand food tasting?

    Simply fill out the registration form. Our event planner will call to confirm your reservation. We advise that you indicate a phone number where you can be easily reached so we can easily accomplish the confirmation process.

  • Why is there a confirmation process ? how will I know if my registration is confirmed?

    We limit the number of attendees in the grand food tasting to ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience. There are limited seats and a limited number of event planners to assist attendees.

    After filling up the registration form a representative from Hizon’s Catering will confirm reserved seats as well as the best time to arrive. We advise that you indicate in the registration from a phone number where you can be easily reached so we can easily accomplish the confirmation process. If we have not contacted you within 24 hours of registration or if you are registering less than 48 hours from the grand food tasting date. please call us at the following numbers , so we can expedite your confirmation

    • +639272754081-globe
    • +639284886230 – smart
    • +63 (2) 925-0103 – land line
    • +63 (2) 925-0107 – land line
  • Will you hard sell me in the grand food tasting?

    We understand that this is a fair question to ask and that being hard sold to can be an uncomfortable experience. We promise not to do any hard selling during the food tasting event. The grand food tasting is intended for attendees to experience our services first hand and arrive at a decision for themselves. We believe that hard selling is counter to this purpose.

  • I’m already booked with Hizon’s catering, can i still attend the grand food tasting?

    We discourage clients from attending the Grand food tasting. This event is designed for people who are still in the process of looking for a caterer and is not the best venue for clients who wish to finalize the details of their event.

    Clients can schedule a finalization meeting with their event planner at any convenient time. Here they can have a customized food tasting , mock design set up , and a full detailing meeting.

  • What if I can’t attend this grand food tasting, but I wish to attend one in the future?

    Pls call us at these numbers

    • +639272754081-globe
    • +639284886230 – smart
    • +63 (2) 925-0103 – land line
    • +63 (2) 925-0107 – land line

    We can schedule a food tasting that matches your schedule.

  • Is there any dresscode to the grand food tasting?

    There is no dresscode, but we are encouraging everyone to dress appropriately. Shorts, sandos, and flipflops are discouraged

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