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CKS Laffaie Tea and Catering Services and Loja Toraja Balinese Restaurant is in the food industry since March 2013, young as it is, assertive staff and crew incessantly help this business to reach the milestone of success. We’re dynamic, polite, honest, has creativeness and passionate to work. Professional ethics and right principle are the standard guidelines for proper work and high-end quality services. The President of Loja Toraja and CKS Laffaie Tea and Catering Services is also our Executive Chef, Mrs. Luzvelinda “Luth” Laguardia studied and also visited various countries (Europe, Dubai, UAE, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and more.) to widen her perspective to innovate different kinds of dishes plus her creativeness as a Designer for your Special occasions.

The name Loja Toraja, coined by Chef Luth herself, is an amalgam of the words LOJA and TORAJA. Loja is the name of the street in which the restaurant and events place is located while Toraja was inspired by the houses of the elite in Bali, Indonesia – that which apparently inspires the entire ambiance of the place. When she traveled to Bali, Chef Luth was amused that Europeans liked Bali’s style and so she adopted this to her own business. Surprisingly, even before it was a catering business, it all started with a mere fellowship of Christians over coffee that happened weekly. Chef Luth had always hosted the fellowship in her house and had lovingly prepared and cooked for her brothers and sisters in Christ. Her friends saw potential in her original and natural recipes and had this genius idea to make it her business and voila, what started as a fellowship over coffee is now a brewing business in a quiet village in Cainta. Chef Luth then started doing catering services and even underwent formal classes and training in Enderun to better equip herself with the right skills. Now, Loja Toraja is a garden-to-table restaurant concept that was conceived out of Chef Luth’s personal need for healthy and organic foods due to her diabetes. It serves healthy, yummier comfort food, with ingredients coming straight from the very backyard of Chef Luth! As Loja Toraja seeks to better serve and take care of its clients, this in turn has fine-tuned its service. With the aim to make the experience personalized, Loja Toraja customized its services according to each client’s unique individual needs and wants. Further to that, the staff and and crew are Yolanda victims purposefully chosen and eventually trained to serve its customers and clientele making it a business for a cause.


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