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Hacienda Solange is a laid back nature-filled Resort located ten minutes away from Tagaytay. Its concept is purely “a vacation home away from home”. In order to ensure the privacy of our guests, we accept only one group at a time. There are two houses; The Villa with 2 rooms can fit 6 people and The Chalet with 3 bunk beds that can accommodate 9 people. Hacienda Solange offers a wonderful ambiance, with surrounding trees, chirping of birds, one big pool, one small pool and a barbecue station. Imagine a place where you can sunbathe, enjoy a sip of fresh coconut, hopefully also partake of rambutan and lanzones (when in season), while preparing for grills. The resort is definitely the place for nature lovers, with temperatures ranging from 24 to 15 degrees Celsius at its coolest, it is truly a one of a kind resort in this area, at a very budgeted rate at that. When it turns really cold at night, you can sit around the fireplace in the main living room while enjoying your drink and reminiscing stories.

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